Whitmer’s Overthrow Attempt – Attributed to Acceptance of Leftist Violence?

13 men were charged on Thursday, October 8th in a conspiracy to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. The group were originally targeted by the FBI on Facebook after making comments about Whitmer’s handling of the COVID-19 epidemic in Michigan, which is something that Whitmer has been criticized for by many in the state – including the Michigan Supreme Court.

It’s being reported that the FBI began tracking the group mid-summer, and even had a plant within the group that would attend in-person meetings and relay information back to the FBI. Some of the group’s intended actions included kidnapping the governor, holding her against her will, storming the Lansing capital, and taking hostages there. The group even reportedly stalked Whitmer at her vacation home several times, and discussed ways to slow the response of law enforcement if the kidnapping attempt was carried out, including the destruction of a bridge near the vacation home.

Mainstream media reporting on this incident has been a mixed bag. Some media outlets are doing their best to tie the plotters to Trump, and Whitmer herself has specifically blamed Trump for the plot. When information about the ringleaders of that plot are researched, and their views scrutinized though, there are several key pieces of information that don’t support Whitmer’s claims.


It’s no secret that President Trump is pro-cop. Despite not polling very high on the “top of mind” concerns of Americans during this election, always behind the economy and jobs, Trump is constantly delivering a message of “law and order.” Several outlets, including Fox News, regularly state that this is to his determent and that he should be focusing on other things. It apparently appears to have appealed to law enforcement themselves, who have seen possibly the worst anti-cop rhetoric year ever in 2020, and who have come out to endorse Trump in record numbers.

Whitmer, on the other hand, has shared her views in the “defund the police” movement, and has gone on record as being in support of taking money from lawn enforcement and redirecting it to things like public transportation, public health, and “racial equality.” In supporting that type of “redistribution of funds,” she states “if you do all those things you don’t need all the money going to police departments.”

So how does that compare with the ideology of the men associated with the Whitmer plot? From Trump, who supports more funding for police – It’s a complete reversal, but it aligns pretty well with Whitmer’s stance – which is less police. Brandon Caserta, one of the ringleaders of the plot, was openly anti-government and anti-police. During Trump rallies, Trump supports are waving American flags. Caserta is seen here with an Anarchy flag during a rant against police.


In another one of Caserta’s videos, he specifically calls out President Trump as a “tyrant” and an “enemy,” language that Whitmer herself has used in the past, and continues to use even after this plot against her was uncovered and stopped by federal law enforcement.

“White Supremacists”

Immediately after the plot against governor Whitmer was foiled and brought to light, news outlets immediately began calling those involved “white supremacists.” There’s only one problem with that – Gretchen Whitmer is a white woman. Another thing not being reported on by MSM outlets is that one of the plotters, Daniel Harris from Lake Orion, MI, posted about his attendance at a Black Lives Matter protest in Lake Orion over the summer.

Without the news narrative of the accused being twisted and used with language that’s been forced down the throats of Americans for the past 3 years, words like “white supremacist,” “white nationalist,” “racist,” “x-phobic,” etc., the violent actions of the accused start to look like what Democrats have been supporting all summer; violence as an accepted answer to something that someone doesn’t agree with in the form of social justice. “If the police can’t give me what I want, or if I don’t like the outcome of a grand jury ruling, I’ll take law into my own hands and create my own justice with violence. The result isn’t my problem, they deserve my justice.”

The media themselves have let their own word salad get out of control while trying to control this narrative. All summer we were told that “a vast majority of these protests were peaceful,” while at the same time watching live coverage of cities being burned on the news every night for hundreds of straight days. In 2019 the mainstream media acknowledged leftist violence from groups like Antifa, and even interviewed them, but in 2020 they obviously seek to change reality.

It’s Election Season

Now that election season is here and a vast majority of able-minded Americans see through these lies, as polling suggests, that narrative doesn’t work anymore… and so, the narrative must shift. The MSM has touted the “boogaloo” movement as a white supremacist group that wants to overthrow the government. We’ve been listening to that narrative all summer, but that movement never showed up. Now the paradigm is shifting, and that movement is actually two movements according to the MSM. From the Detroit Free Press:

The “boogaloo” movement is comprised of two factions. One faction is neo-Nazis and white supremacists who want to start a racial civil war. Another faction has shown up at Black Lives Matter protests wielding anti-police signs.

So which is it? Is the movement a far-right movement who hates people of color? Or is it a movement that supports Black Lives Matter, hates cops, and wants to support the far-left, for whom the Black Lives Matter movement provides millions in funding. Or maybe, just maybe, the focus needed to shift from the reality of the summer – Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots causing a billion dollars worth of damage across the country – to yet again chase the ghost of white supremacists and the KKK.

In the summer of 2020, when riots were at their worst, mainstream media began to split the “boogaloo” movement into two, and started to downplay the role that Antifa played in the riots. Jerry Nadler called Antifa a myth, and even as recent as during the first Presidential debate, Joe Biden called them “just an idea.”


Were the individuals who plotted to kidnap governor Whitmer right-wing? Were they Trump supporters? Were they waiting American flags and wearing MAGA hats and attending Trump rallies? No. They admit that they hate Trump. It’s on video.

At the same time, were they wearing Biden gear or openly supporting the left? No, they weren’t. They are anarchists. They hate all things politics. There was no proof of any racial motivation with their plot, yet we are being told they are racists and white supremacists by governor Whitmer and the mainstream media.

If we go back and look at their actions, their words, and their ideologies though, the things they believe bear a striking resemblance to accepted views with Democrats in America today. Justice through violence, anti-rule of law, and anti-cop.