#WalkAway Demonstration Turns Violent After BLM Protester Disruption

October 4, 2020

The #WalkAway movement was created to empower individuals who previously held left-leaning beliefs but have decided to defect to a more centrist or conservative stance. Many #WalkAway participants are doing so because the “mainstream left” has gone “too far left” for these individuals to accept.

Video posted on social media Saturday night depicted unrest at the event, but not among #WalkAway supporters, who had permission to peacefully assemble and were being protected by DC police, but rather between those same police and BLM protesters who were rallied to break up the event.

This BLM disruption was specifically planned via the BLM DC Twitter page. A Twitter post by BLM DC referred to the event as a “MAGA and white supremacist” event, and provided guidance to “counter-protesters” that would help them “keep their identities safe.”

It’s very common for BLM and Antifa “counter assemblies” and “peaceful protesters” to want to hide their identities. They are often identified by police after violent events occur by way of facial recognition, cell phone location tracking, and social media posts. BLM and Antifa have gotten wise to this and the above guidance should be proof of that. Left-wing news outlets have criticized the technology as an “invasion of privacy.”

It was quickly pointed out that several of the people arrested during the #WalkAway event had been arrested in other parts of the country for other Antifa and BLM-related events, including Antifa’s “CHAZ” anonymous zone in Seattle, and in violent protests in Portland.